Glimpse into the Life of a Rowland Mountain Intern 2

This week has carried a lot of excitement with it, as most weeks do around here. We had our normal “What’s Hot, What’s Not” meeting on Tuesday morning, an anniversary party (Jessica McDevitt’s 1 year at RMA) on Wednesday, and we started office training webinars this Thursday. There has also been a lot of excitement from all the job orders we have taken this week, it has been crazy! We have had 4 job orders this week alone!

With all of these job orders, comes a lot of work and a lot to learn. Before taking a job order (J.O.), we are sent a formal job description from the company of the responsibilities and qualifications of the person they are going to hire. It is interesting to see how the job description compares to the extensive list we get while talking directly to the hiring manager. We have about an hour long interview with the hiring manager to make sure we know what we are looking for inside and out. They go through every single detail of what they want. It is cool to see how in-depth a hiring manager thinks about the ideal person for the job.

That being said, I’ve got a lot of research to get started on with these 4 new J.O.s!