Get More Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing rapidly, and can serve as a great business resource or job search avenue.  The article, “LinkedIn and 14 Tips to Get More Out of it,” by Rachel Brushfield lists tips to getting LinkedIn working for you.  They are…
1. Raise your awareness and recognition to others
2. Use it with a set goal in mind
3. Utilize specific key words on your profile
4. Make yourself stand out
5. Use it to gain competitive knowledge
6. Make sure all of your information/postings are accurate
7. Engage in your community
8. Remember the internet is permanent
9. Stay consistently connected
10. Expand your network with people you know outside of the internet
11. Stay “plugged-in” with the marketplace
12. Reach out to your network to create opportunities
13. Keep your profile professional
14. Use it as an indirect tool