Get Aggressive with your Job Search!

Seeking new employment is not an easy task to undertake.  Regardless of whether or not you are currently employed, job hunting is a time consuming activity.  Time is money, as we all know, and taking the time out of your day to apply to multiple job postings and writing excellent cover letters for each application can be daunting.
If you let up and cut some corners during your job search, chances are high you won’t get an interview and you are simply wasting your time.  Lisette Hilton, of, stresses the importance of being aggressive with your job search.  If your resume is only “okay,” or you didn’t take the time to proof read your cover letter and there is a grammatical error, don’t count on getting that interview.  Hiring managers look at a plethora of resumes and cover letters a day.  If yours has anything wrong with it, they will believe the quality of your work is faulty.
Read the article, “Job Hunting: Get Aggressive to Get the Job you Want,” to better understand how to become aggressive in your search.