Final Post: The Stress Test

On the Brink of Burnout
Improving stress management capabilities is one thing; bringing employees to the brink of burnout is another. Create a healthy balance between high achievement and high enjoyment. Be spontaneous; this could be as simple as rearranging office furniture or hosting an impromptu casual lunch gathering. Instead of your next brainstorming meeting being conducted in the office, take a walk instead – you will be surprised as to how the creative moments can flow in a more relaxed setting. Ask individuals what they think; you do not always need to implement their input, but people want the opportunity to be heard. Know their personal and professional goals for the year, and take responsibility for helping them achieve at least one or two of them yourself. Make progress on helping uncover the future potential of each player on your team; they have put their careers in your hands and it is a responsibility, as a leader, that we should take seriously.
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