Extraordinary Bosses

Great bosses have the ability to bring out the extraordinary in those around them, but how do they do it?  The article, “13 Habits of Extraordinary Bosses,” by Geoffrey James pulls out characteristic commonalities of great business leaders as outlined by Sylvia Lafair in her book, Don’t Bring It to Work: Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success.  Great leaders…
1. Collaborate rather than grandstand
2. Build communities instead of platoons
3. Create a new reality
4. Laugh
5. Guide future vision of others
6. Vigorously explore new ideas
7. Mentor
8. Inspire
9. Put all the pieces together
10. Tell the truth, no matter how difficult
11. Take action
12. Trust
13. Make peace
Visit the article for more detail on each characteristic and why it is part of the fiber of great business leaders.