Employee Spotlight: Macie Farmer

215895_1845873059616_3910440_nName: Macie Farmer
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Position: Research Intern
Favorite color: Macie’s favorite color is purple, which matches her volkswagen beetle.
Education: Macie is currently a rising sophomore at The Miami University of Ohio. She is studying to major in finance with a minor in business analytics and economics. She also plans to study abroad and get some travelling experience before she graduates college
What is your favorite thing about recruiting? Macie is extremely appreciative of the face that, as a student, she is able to look at and evaluate professional resumes to gain a better sense of understanding as to what major companies are seeking. In addition, she gets to interact with a numerous variety of individuals throughout her daily workday.
What are your favorite jobs to recruit for? Macie enjoys most recruiting for jobs that relate, in some way, to her current field of study. Most recently, she has enjoyed seeking candidates to fill a current opening for a Vice President of Finance role.
What have you gained from working at Rowland Mountain? One of the most important abilities Macie believes she has taken away from her experience here at Rowland Mountain is her increased time management skills. Additionally, she has learned how to properly conduct herself in a professional environment. She values the professional experience she has gained that she will be able to take to future internships or jobs.
What are your career goals? Macie knew from when she was in seventh grade that she wanted to grow up and be a wall-street analyst living in New York. Currently, she still holds this aspiration.
What do you enjoy doing during your free time? In her free time, Macie enjoys playing golf and being a “harry potter nerd.”
Interesting/fun fact about yourself: Macie takes pride in her affinity towards harry potter, and has a “time turner,” a device used by Hermoine in harry potter that allows her to be in two places at one time.  She was also the president of her high school math team for three consecutive years.