Don’t Blend In With the Rest of the Candidate Pool!

Worried about not being memorable during the job hunt process?  Miriam Salpeter discusses, in the article “How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job,” John Kalusa’s philosophy on applying for jobs utilizing a sales person’s mind-frame.  Blindly sending resumes and going into interviews without doing your research will not set you apart from the competition, as the majority of job seekers fall prey to this lazy job searching strategy. 
John Kalusa suggests marketing yourself in a way that will solve the company’s problems.  This can be done by researching the company to delve up any potential struggles their company may be needing to address, and highlighting your strengths that could combat this area of weakness.  This will make you stand out in the hiring authority’s minds, as they certainly have an understanding of areas their company is targeting to improve, and absolutely want to hire someone who would be an asset to improving this facet of their organization. 
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