Calling All Business Women: Don’t Inhibit your Career Progression!

Although the female presence in the work place is becoming progressively more prominent, there are still some differences noticed between the two genders in relation to the business world.  As women, there are several intangibles that can affect how we are perceived in the work place, and many of them may be derived from the way females are raised.  As the more sensitive and intuitive gender, women are sometimes perceived as weak and less competent.  However, as more and more females enter and remain in the work force, there are some adjustments a woman should consider making if they want to advance up the corporate ladder.
According to the article “Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally” in the Harvard Business Review, the biggest change a business woman can make to improve their career is to be more assertive.  This means speaking up more in meetings, directing attention towards yourself rather than away, actively seek promotion, and brag a little. 
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