Being Productive Even When You’re Busy

There is only so much time in the day, and when it gets eaten up by endless meetings, emails, and phone calls, it is difficult to feel like you have actually gotten any work done. The Daily Muse wants to help! They recently posted “45 Productivity Tips foo Extremely Busy People,” to help with everything from planning your day to handling unexpected interruptions. ┬áSome of the tips mentioned are…

  • Do NOT make 1 MASSIVE to-do list- make a smaller one that is more obtainable and wont leaving you feeling frustrated for not completing it
  • Break up HUGE tasks into smaller goals
  • Consider outsourcing tasks when you can
  • Do the thing you like the least first
  • Check e-mail at specific times ONLY
  • Clean out your entire inbox once a quarter
  • Do NOT schedule meetings for more than they need to be
  • Group meetings back to back- avoid having to switch from work mode to meeting mode
  • Have off-site meetings over the phone when necessary
  • Utilize Deadlines
  • Build your schedule around ideal times for getting certain tasks done
  • Stop trying to multitask
  • Turn devices on silent

Visit the article for the full list of tips and try to slowly integrate them into your daily activities.  Before you know it they will become habits!