De-Stress at Work

When your work gets stressful, it can de-rail your entire day and productivity.  Karsten Strauss wants to help, with his article, “10 Weird Ways to Destroy Stress At Work,” offers unique ways you can keep your cool at work.
1. Self- Hypnosis- work yourself into a calm state.  Your mind is a powerful thing
2. Get active and get your heart pumping.  Endorphins are a natural stress buster.
3. Take off your shoes
4. Manipulate your breathing pattern
5. Add some plants to your workspace
6. Invest in a shoulder massager.  Neck and shoulder rubs remove stress.
7. Laugh- after all it is the best medicine!
8. Cry- a good cry can keep a full-blow breakdown at bay
9. Scream- it can make you feel better
10. Have a strong relationship with your boss
The article goes into further detail as to how each of these can help and even goes further to provide links proving proof and extra information.