3 Required Traits of Every CEO

What is it that differentiates a follower and a leader in business? What exactly is it that allows those leading a business to do it well, and successfully?
The Harvard Business Review believes that they have found the key: the possession of three attributes that play an essential role in giving a CEO the ability to “manifest the very best from their workforce.”
In his article, “Three Traits Every CEO Needs,” Justin Menkes explains:
“To perform their best in today’s turbulent atmosphere, leaders must possess this highly unusual set of three traits that often run counter to natural human behavior. These attributes are catalyst for the master displayed by the world’s best CEOs – and, together, they add up to a new definition of leaderhip.”

  1. Realistic optimism
  2. Subservience to purpose
  3. Finding order in chaos

It seems that these traits were extremely consistent among top performers and were almost completely absent within the bottom-performing candidates, regardless of job or industry.
Visit the article referenced above to read in greater detail about each of these traits, unleash your true leadership potential, and reach your audacious goals.