Worried About Responding to Salary Inquisitions During a Job Interview?

Salary requirements are a very tricky part of the job interview process to navigate.  You don’t want to turn off your potential employer by requesting too much, but also don’t want to be paid less than what you are worth.  This can be especially tricky in the earlier stages of the interview process, as the interviewer is still deciding whether or not to proceed with you as a candidate, and may use the salary request as a deciding factor.  So how do you handle answering this question?
Susan Adams, of the Forbes Staff, suggests answering as little as possible.  For example, on an online application if there is a field requesting a salary range, put a zero.  If a hiring manager requests your salary information before an interview, suggest that you meet in person to discuss the range. 
The article “How to Handle Salary Questions Before the Job Offer” is an excellent tool to further understand how to navigate this question, and a recommended read.