Winning The Game – Post 4

Rule #2 (continued)
Specifically you need to understand the job you are interviewing for in as much detail as possible. Your recruiter should be able to help you here. Try to find someone else that is working for the company now that you can speak with. It’s always good to speak with one of their customers to get their perspectives. All this research helps you prepare to connect your background and competencies to the needs of the company and fit for the role. It also helps you build your list of GREAT QUESTIONS to ask. ALWAYS HAVE A WRITTEN LIST OF GREAT QUESTIONS to ask. More lasting opinions are formed about you based on the quality and quantity of GREAT QUESTIONS that you asked vs the answers that you gave. Ask questions that speak to: your depth of business acumen; familiarity with their business; overall business intellectual curiosity; and genuine interest and respect for the interviewer.