The Value of Working With a Recruiter Regardless of Career Progression

It isn’t uncommon for a recruiter to experience some resistance during their recruiting calls.  Despite the fact that a recruiter’s phone call offers more than the average sales call does, the phone call still comes off as disruptive and bothersome to some potential candidates.  However, a recruiter can be a valuable resource for anyone, despite their current job situation.  At Rowland Mountain, for example, our social media posts are targeted to enhance the career progression of anyone reading the posts.  Recruiters are privy to the job market of your industry, and have a good idea of the salaries people with your same title are making.  After all, even the best sports professionals in the world always have agents, regardless of whether they are a free agent or not.
Joseph Daniel McCool wrote an informative article, “How to Field the Headhunter’s Call,” describing how to proceed when you receive a phone call from a recruiter.  The article gives several great options, and describes the potential value in pursuing each option.  Read further to better understand how to “field the headhunter’s call.”