Stand Out Project Manager Seeks Progressive Opportunity

This standout project manager seeks a project management position with a growth runway through operations management.  Having a strong background in engineering, this rainmaker earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from a university whose Mechanical Engineering department ranks top 25 in producing BSME graduates.  During his higher education tenure, this standout earned two prestigious project engineering internships to further hone his knowledge of engineering and project management.  He was then recruited off campus by a major oil and gas company to be their field engineer, earning this company over $2M in revenue in less than 2 years.  Desiring to move his career in the direction of project management, he transitioned to a leading energy company.  As an up-and-coming operations professional, he was recognized for his excellent skill set and was promoted after 8 months and again a year later.  This professional has been consistently recognized by his manager as a leader among his peers and has been given opportunities to lead accordingly.  Additionally, this rainmaker is entrusted with their “cream of the crop” project portfolio worth over $20M.  If interested in bring this rainmaker’s talents to your organization, please contact Jessica Brown at 404-327-5219 or