Senior Level Management Professional Seeks a VP Level Role

Award winning and results driven senior level management professional seeks a Vice President–level role in retail operations.  This rainmaker has been promoted up the ranks expeditiously in a large Fortune 500 company, in a short time becoming Vice President of a major business unit.  Our candidate has extensive experience in retail operations, nationally and internationally including The Home Depot and Lowes.  This professional has also tapped into the explosive residential and commercial construction growth in emerging markets, developing retail and professional distribution channels.  Having  very well-rounded business knowledge, this individual has total sales operations experience in big box accounts – sales operations, marketing, line-review planning.  In addition, our candidate has successfully navigated difficult line reviews and is fully equipped for more rigid line reviews anticipated through 2012.  This profit-driven rainmaker has been responsible for P&L management of multiple local and global regions, developed advertising strategies and promotional plans, and has led cross-functional teams of finance, marketing, and supply chain organizations.  Attract this rainmaker to your team before they are launching the success of your competitor!  If interested, contact Katherine Carrier at 404-327-5210 or