Saying “No” to Unrealistic Demands and “Yes I can” to Difficult Demands

With the holidays here, it is simple to misconstrue an unrealistic demand with a difficult one. Yes, finishing T.P.S. reports with the proper cover letter can be extremely difficult during the holidays as outside tasks such as holiday shopping, cookie making, and general home decoration maintenance gets under way. However, for some, the tasks actually are unrealistic. According to Chrissy Scivique, author of the article, How to Manage Unrealistic Work Demands, and unrealistic demand counts as “…one that simply cannot be accomplished with normal or even exceptional effort.” As soon as you realize that your task is unrealistic, it is important to let your supervisor know immediately that you’re overwhelmed.  When you express your concern for your task, instead of giving excuses, have an “Option B” route to finish the task. It is also not frowned upon to ask for help, either!