Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship

This week, we launch our fundraising efforts for the Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship in partnership with the CxR Foundation.

For so many, Russ was a professional mentor. For those he hired, he provided tools and training that would become their foundation in building successful careers in search and recruiting. For his clients, he was a guide to attracting, interviewing and hiring the best possible candidates. For his candidates, he was a coach throughout the process, helping them to discover career growth and reach their full potential. For ALL of those who knew him, he was the one who made them laugh and find joy in each day.

We wish to carry on his legacy through this scholarship to celebrate his teachings, training, and infectious passion for this work. We will open the application process for our first scholarship in late November. The award this Spring will go to a student who exemplifies the intangibles it takes to be a success in recruiting and search and has a passion for the field of recruiting.

Please consider a donation to the Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship today.