Now What? – Post 6: Maslow’s Needs: The Personal Journey

Reflect on the poem in Post 1 of this series. You have likely heard the cliché that life is a journey, not a destination, but how do we remember that in the busyness of life? How can we de-clutter and enjoy the moments instead of waiting for a magical “next chapter” to arrive? Evaluate, and then trim away, all of the non-essentials in your day. What are you involved with out of obligation that could be less frequent or eliminated entirely? How many social networking sites do you really need to update or check, and how often per day? What do you say “yes” to that is unnecessary and takes time away from the things and people who are truly most important to you in life? Eliminating a few non-essential tasks or activities gives you the time and energy to invest in those things that are essential for your balance and wellbeing.
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