“No” Versus “Not Now”

Have you ever gotten through to the last round of interviews for a dream job, only to lose out to another candidate? The feeling of rejection is definitely real, but what does it really tell you, and how can you bounce back?  From a reader response, LinkedIn author, J.T. O’Donnell, writes, “Didn’t Get the Job? Do This…” to help people come back from a “No,” with grace, poise, and hope for the future.
First thing to know is No doesn’t always mean Never.  They just chose a different direction at this particular fork in the road.  You can always respond to a rejection by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity, and re-affirming your interest in the organization should other jobs open in the future.
Secondly, don’t let this decision burn a bridge. Any number of things can happen, and closing yourself off due to pride won’t do you any favors.
Visit the article for further examples, and potential scripts when dealing with a situation like this.