New Posting Series! Allocating Your Attention

Several years ago, DisneyWorld executives hired Emmy-winning journalist Kare Anderson to study what most captured the attention of young children at their theme parks and hotels. Was it the gift shops exploding at the seams with plush and colorful toys? What about the life-size costumed cast members? Maybe it was the colossal looping rides. Turns out that what the toddlers wanted most weren’t any of those things; it was the cell phones of their parents, particularly when the parents were using them. Turns out, the kids clearly grasped what captured their parents’ attention – and they wanted it too.
How does this relate? The workplace can sometimes seem to hold just as much sensory-overload as the environment at DisneyWorld! The eyes of the employee are constantly locked on the leader; an effective one is able to harness distractions and be fully present while teaching others to emulate that same behavior. This posting series will help you “Allocate Your Attention” for a productive, meaningful, and efficient team dynamic and workplace environment.