New Marketing Positions Available

Client Overview
This mid-sized company specializes in developing and selling equipment used in manufacturing  for a wide variety of vertical markets including Aerospace, Automotive, Wireless and Life Sciences. Today, they enjoy a majority market share in North America and are expanding rapidly on a global scale. Unlike other organizations that are expecting modest growth this year, this company has nearly doubled in 3 years and is expecting similar growth trajectory in the coming years. Priding themselves on being extremely customer focused, this forward-thinking company is a known technology leader in every market they touch.
All three positions available are with the above mentioned company:
1) Director of Marketing

The main role of this position will lie in independently planning and directing strategic marketing plans. Having a sharp eye for industry growth opportunities will help this person go far in this particular position. The ideal candidate will be able to observe marketing trends of competitive products and activities as well. Creativity to make products stand alone in the large market will be a necessary asset to this position. Ideal candidates will have experience in management or leadership roles, therefore, being able to lead individual contributors and subordinate managers will be a quality in the next Director of Marketing.

2) Marketing Development Manager

Responsibility in this position lies in the area of identifying marketing trends and applying them to provide company growth as well as revenue increases. The next candidate for this position will also be responsible for prioritizing numerous opportunities based on criteria such as attractiveness, fit and time to revenue, and size of opportunity. Having creativity will also be favorable in this position. Preparing multi-generation product plans in coordination with product line managers. This position holds a high level of growth potential, and in turn will require the next Market Development manager to have a high level of energy and passion for growth, the ability to think globally.

3) Product Line Manager

The Product Line Manager will be responsible for overseeing new product marketing strategies, research and development. In the spectrum of product marketing, familiarity with demographic segmentation will take the next candidate far in this company. Ideal candidates will have great talent in effectively communicating product information to a variety of audiences. A background in customer service is also an attractive attribute in the next ideal candidate.


Katie Owens