Managing Stress to do Your Best

Feeling the pressure of stress at work is extremely common. What some may fail to realize is that learning to manage stress in the workplace is an essential piece of knowledge in successfully avoiding it at home. recently published an article on various actions and mindsets that you can follow to avoid stress in the office.
One of the best ways to avoid stress at work is to take care of yourself outside of work. Lifestyle changes such as working out, eating healthier, sleeping more and drinking less can greatly reduce stress levels.
Maintaining organization and being able to prioritize tasks will also help to reduce stress levels. I personally feel less congested in my small office when I maintain a certain level or order. If you’re a little more disorganized, take baby steps by keeping important papers in corresponding file folders. After you’ve gotten the swing of things with your newly organized file folders, maybe organize how they are stored on your desk, and so on.
The article also gives extra insight on the importance of being self-aware, or having Emotional Intelligence, which includes the following:

  • Self-awareness – The ability to recognize your emotions and their impact while using gut feelings to guide your decisions.
  • Self-management – The ability to control your emotions and behavior and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Social awareness – The ability to sense, understand, and react to other’s emotions and feel comfortable socially.
  • Relationship management – The ability to inspire, influence, and connect to others and manage conflict.

Choosing to break bad habits is also a contributing factor in working in a stress-free environment. If you’re one who finds yourself running five to ten minutes late, set your clocks to ensure early arrival. Try not to think so negatively about work situations, and most of all, stop being a perfectionist! Learn to set more realistic goals, to avoid falling short by the end of the day, thanks to unattainable self-expectations.
Lastly, a great way to avoid stress in your workplace is to keep a healthy and respectful level of truthful communication with your employer. By always being honest, one can avoid awkward tension that may arise in the future.
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