Insight Into The Recruiting Industry

Have you been contacted by a recruiter?  Frequently, when our associates are making recruiting calls, they are greeted on the other end by a professional that isn’t sure exactly what a recruiter has to offer.
The stronger the relationship you build with your recruiter, the more beneficial the relationship will be.  Recruiters speak to hundreds of people a week; therefore, if you have a short, to the point conversation with a recruiter you might not be remembered when a new job comes across their desk.
Recruiters seek to employ the best fit for their client companies as well as find the best fit for their candidates’ needs.  It doesn’t benefit either party if the recruiter pushes along a candidate to a client that would be a cultural mis-match or is not what they are truly looking for.  Essentially, the recruiter is looking at a complex puzzle and trying to find the missing piece.
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