Hire the Candidate that will Truly Benefit Your Organization

When defining criteria necessary for a position you are hiring for, there are several areas most companies fall short in.  There is no one “correct” way to handle the hiring process; however, according to hbr.org, there are five areas that should be targeted differently during your recruiting efforts.
When creating the job description, they suggest focusing more on the competencies and skills necessary to succeed in that role, rather than on the responsibilities required for the position.  During the interview process, focusing on more behavioral questions is the suggested route to determine how a candidate handles the stresses of a job.  They also warn against the “affinity effect,” or hiring someone that is similar to you, which can lower productivity and the creative process.  Finally, the last two hiring suggestions targeted in this article are to avoid losing a candidate over a discrepancy of less than $10,000, because in the long run it will pay off, and to be reasonable about your search parameters as there is no “perfect” candidate out there.
The article “The High Stakes of Hiring Today” goes into further detail of how to make your hiring process more efficient.