Get On Your Co-workers Good Side

Having a great relationship with your co-workers has multiple benefits; it makes work a more enjoyable place, and leads to better quality of work done.  This could pose as a challenge for someone who is shy, or prefers to work more autonomously, but having the support of a team behind you is critical for success. The article, “10 Ways to Get Your Co-workers to Like You More,” posted on Yahoo Small Business Advisor provides tips to earning the affections of your co-workers without copious efforts. They are…
1. Make everyone feel valued and important regardless of title or tenure
2. Speak in terms of others wants and needs
3. Be genuinely interested in them
4. Help out others
5. Smile
6. When in conversation, listen, ask questions, and engage
7. Make suggestions rather than stating opinions
8. Don’t dismiss people
9. Admit when you are wrong
10. Criticize constructively
All of these tips are simple practices that can be implemented into daily interactions with co-workers that will surely strengthen the relationship.  The article goes into further detail and explanation of how to and how to not approach these tasks, as well as why each is important.