Employee Spotlight: Daniel Barna

Name:  Daniel Barna
Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois, but grew up  in Aurora, Ohio for 13 years.
Position:  Search Associate
Education:  Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Bachelor of Science in Psychology
What is your favorite thing about recruiting?  Dan enjoys the  interaction with people on a daily basis:  His personal goal is to make 72 calls a day, which feasably could lead to connecting with 72 people a day.  It definitely takes advantage of his psychology degree.
What are your favorite jobs to recruit for?  Medical based jobs– Dan took a lot of biology and other science courses in college due to his science degree, so he had a personal connection with the background of those individuals.
What have you gained from working at Rowland Mountain?  Dan has made countless connections with people, and have gained unmatched business knowledge that he was not able to gain through my science degree.  Also, he has great phone confidence now.
What do you enjoy doing during your free time?  Football and rockclimbing
Interesting/fun fact about yourself:  Dan is actually a legend in the Human vs Zombies game in the greater Ohio area!