Candidate Spotlight: Marketing Expert and Seasoned Leader

Our candidate boasts more than 20 years of broad marketing experience in different markets, and over 10 years of leadership experience since graduating with a communications degree from a well-respected university. This individual is seeking an upper-level management position that will enable this candidate to progress forward career wise while providing exceptional marketing and leadership acumen to add significant value for whichever company reels this big fish in.
This experience and leadership skills our candidate has acquired made moving up the ranks within her past companies inevitable, and speaks to this individual’s ability to learn quickly in order to hit the ground running. Because she is notorious for getting things done, a role that has significant influence over the way the company uses marketing strategically is preferred in order to tactically get things “out the door.”
To give an idea of our candidates potential impact, we can look at the impact she has had on past employers: this candidate spotlight has developed and managed multiple marketing communications initiatives for several product and service launches, has contributed to a sales boost of 50% in a major company in less than twelve months, delivered catered customer programs with “exceptional” customer feedback ratings, and increased leads generated by her campaigns by over 100%.
If you are interested in potentially hiring this exceptional individual who will surely “make it rain” for you business, please contact our search executive, Tricia Mountain, at 404-327-5206 or via email a