Big Goal for 2014? Set Yourself Up for Success!

It’s no secret that most resolutions fail, and generally by the end of January, just a few short weeks into the New Year.  So why not try a different approach?  The article, “Big Goal for 2014? What Works (and What Really Doesn’t),” by Lea McLeod outlines the top reasons out resolutions fall flat, and what we can do instead. Including,
1. Your Fantasy Resolutions are Not Grounded in Reality. It’s OK to dream big as long as it sits on a firm foundation. To build one, come up with a list of action items to support your plan- consider it your “game plan”.  Each stage of your goal is a small win on the journey to your ultimate achievement.
2. You Have a LOT of Goals Versus Fewer, More Concrete, Goals. Having a laundry list of goals is not the way to go: goal setting is about Quality NOT Quantity. Write down a list, then narrow it down to 1 or 2, then you can put forth more effort towards meeting those goals.
3. You Want it to be Easy. Change often (too often) seems easy, and is usually easy to give up on when the going gets tough.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for; meaning hard work yields better results! Be realistic in what it is going to take to achieve your goals . Though not as fun as envisioning how awesome it will be at the end, you are more likely to reach that peak!