Become An Organization That Retains Top Performers

Retaining top talent in a company should be a priority if it isn’t already one.  Rather than having to train a new employee to do the same job each time one leaves, shouldn’t it behoove an organization to simply keep the same employee?
According to Erika Andersen, of, there are ways to create an environment of sustainability.  She believes that workers will want to stay with an organization that is well managed.  Specifically, an organization that promotes/hires the most qualified individual to a management position based on their ability to successfully lead and motivate those that report to them will breed a healthy work environment.  A healthy work environment will encourage employees to work harder and remain employed with the organization.  In addition, if the organization is clear in expressing what their mission is, the members of said organization will feel as though they are a crucial element to the company’s mission.  No one wants to work tirelessly and not be sure what they are accomplishing besides statistics.  What is your product designed to accomplish?  How will this affect the world in the bigger picture?
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