Avoid Crashing and Burning at a New Job

The article, “How Not to Crash and Burn at a New Job,” by Lea McLeod sites a study from the Society for Human Resources reveals an alarmingly high resignation rate of new hires, as many as 50% within the first 18 months.  The remainder of the article focus’s on how to avoid becoming part of the statistic.  Part of the problem is poor on-boarding, leaving you to take control of your own destiny and making the most of your new job.  Some ways to do that are…
1. Learn the lay of of the land- company mission, culture, etc…
2. Establish a relationship with your manager
3. Work through the chaos and don’t let it get the best of you
4. Bond with co-workers
5. Use your power to change things that just aren’t working
6. Don’t make any rash decisions based off of first impressions
Visit the article for more detail and examples on how to take charge and poise yourself for success in a new job.