A Large Amount of Interviewees Are Making This Mistake

Are you, or have you been, in the process of interviewing for a position?  If so, this may surprise you.  If you have interviewed and did not send a follow up email, don’t be surprised if you were overlooked for that position.  This may seem too simple of a task to make a very big difference in the overall process, but according to Jessica Leibman, of businessinsider.com, it is the “number one mistake” that people are making when interviewing.
While a simple gesture, what a thank-you email addresses is your desire for that position.  Interviewing for a job is very similar to dating– If you went on a great date you would probably send a text message to them later thanking them for going out with you and stating you enjoyed yourself.  This is a similar concept.  Why leave the hiring manager guessing when you can assure them that inviting you for a second round of interviews would be a good idea?  Anytime you can fill in the blanks for someone you should jump on the opportunity.
Read further for Jessica Leibman’s suggestions of an effective thank-you letter.  After all, when a short, five minute email could be the difference between you getting invited back or not, it would be worth your time.