32 Salary Negotiating Tips

It is extremely hard to find an individual working in the corporate world who does not want to make more money. That being said, what can one, as an individual trying to step into a new position, do to maximize the salary that they receive after they have been made an offer?
Negotiations.com’s article “Salary Negotiation: 32 Job Pay Tips,” focuses on negotiation tips for IT professionals; however, these tips can apply to a range of fields and includes exercises and questions to assist an individual’s preparation for the negotiation stage.
The article breaks down these negotiating tips into subcategories, starting with basic, general tips and moving to those that fall under:

  • Walk a mile in his shoes
  • Play the corporate game
  • Beware the traps
  • Your interpersonal skills
  • Create value
  • Ethics Tactics and Trust
  • The way of the future
  • Preparation: four foundation steps

Visit the article above to read all 32 tips and the four foundation steps to preparation and become a skilled salary negotiator!