Time Management Secrets from Billionaires

People who have reached the ‘billionaire’ status, must have done something right during their career to reach such financial success. The author of the article, “The Top 7 Time Management Secrets of Billionaires,” Carolyn Anderson, compiles a list of tips from various billionaire biographies and articles to provide insight into the day-to-day business life of our worlds most successful individuals. They are…
1. Handle a task once, and when you have time
2. Make lists
3. Have a timeline for each task
4. Slot a time for each task
5. Complete each task
6. Reflect and evaluate your day while planning the next
7. Make this process a routine
By following this guideline, you will be able to manage your time more effectively and get more out of each day. Visit the article for further explanation about each point and how it can be beneficial to your daily life.