The Next Big Skill

The upcoming most important skill to have in the next few years is going to be storytelling.  This is largely due to social media as the way people get their news or hear about new campaigns and products.  But the art of storytelling goes deeper; it is a way to make a connection or impression, cause an impact, move and motivate someone to an end.  This applies to business the same way: telling a story is the best piece of sales and branding material someone can have.  As the article, “This Will Be the #1 Skill of the Next 5 Years,” by Shane Snow states, “stories make ideas stick.”  The article also has a few stories of its own to tell, mostly stories on how telling a story lead to a tremendous outcome.  It leaves us with one very important piece of advice; to practice.  Storytelling is the same as any other acquired skill, practice makes perfect!