Survive a Recession as a Small Business

Recession is a word of worry in the business world, and especially scary to those who own a small business.  The article, “6 Essential Recession Survival Tips for Small Business,” by Gail Ellis offers tips to surviving a recession and coming out stronger on the other end.  They are…
1. Staying positive

  • A positive attitude is the main ingredient for any success story.

2. Marketing

  • You should be constantly marketing yourself to new and existing customers.

3. Be aware of all business costs

  • You should be mindful of where your money is coming from and going to to devise a plan around what factors affect your business.

4. Keep your customers happy

  • They are the ultimate deciding factor in your survival.

5. Have a great staff

  • They are the lifeline of your everyday activities.

6. Be on the lookout for new opportunities

  • They can present themselves in a variety of ways and you don’t want to miss out!

visit the article for more information and detail regarding each section.