Sharpen Your Memory

A keen memory is important for everyday activities, in the workplace and at home. And just like our muscles, we can exercise our mind to help us remember better.  The article, ‘Seven Ways to Sharpen Your Memory,” by Annie Murphy Paul lists strategies derived from cognitive science to train our brains.
1. Be aware of your working memory limits and group pieces of information in your mind.
2. “Cramming” information won’t help you retain it. Expose yourself to bits and pieces over time.
3. It is easier to learn something when exposed to it in multiple modalities.  Involve several senses.
4. Sleep is key to lock in memory.
5. Try to recall things from memory.  Pulling out a memory makes it stronger.
6. Connect new knowledge to what you already know.
7. Try putting information into your own words.  We remember better what we generate ourselves.
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