How to Make the Most Effective Hire

Even if your company is actively working with a recruiting company to fill your job position, the final decision of who to hire is still in the company’s hands. There is a large opportunity cost associated with hiring the wrong candidate, and it hurts. A recruiter’s job is to find as many qualified candidates as possible to give the organization a better selection to choose from, and although every company should want as many quality candidates to choose from, this can make the decision process much more difficult. Many times the “right” candidate on paper will not necessarily fit your company the best. So how do you know which candidate is the best fit for your organization off the paper?
There are other intangibles that should be considered during the hiring process that will better predict how well a candidate will fit in and be happy in the organization. Candidate needs, cultural desires, and values are three of several less tangible areas that should be exposed during the interview process to avoid hiring the “wrong” candidate.
The Harvard Business Review goes into further detail in the article “Tips on Hiring”.