Feeling Misunderstood at Work?

Are you struggling to make positive waves at your organization?  This can be a result of feeling misunderstood at your organization.  We’ve all heard that being too honest and forthcoming with personal information at work can cause problems; however, Glenn Llopis, of Forbes.com, suggests the opposite can be true.  In the modern-day work environment, many people prefer genuine interaction rather than strictly professional. 
Llopis suggests six personal traits that will boost your influence at work.  These traits include sharing about: your goals and aspirations, your heritage, your passion, your adversities/struggles, your family/childhood, and your hobbies.  These may seem trivial and unimportant to share, but Llopis does an excellent job in explaining why these can create a more fruitful work environment.  Read further to better understand how this can help your work influence.