Dress Attire for an Interview

Going for a first interview can be nerve racking. You might have amazing credentials, yet those crucial thirty minutes to an hour can sometimes outweigh even the most place-able of candidates. When going to an interview, its important to recognize that from the moment you enter the door, your potential employer is making assumptions based on your demeanor, behavior, attitude and dress attire. One of the first things they notice is what you are wearing, making this extremely important for developing a first impression, and with proper preparation, can be an easy way to start off an interview on the right foot by making a great first impression.
So, what is the appropriate attire for an interview? It varies from men to women:
For men:

  • You should wear a solid, dark colored FULL suit. This means the pants match the jacket in color and material, and includes a long sleeve shirt, tie, shoes, a belt, and dress socks.
  • Little to no jewelry. This causes unwanted, potentially negative, attention.
  • Limit aftershave and NO COLOGNE. Some people have allergies, and the last thing you want is to have an interview cut short because the interviewee cannot be in the same room with you comfortably.
  • Well groomed hair and fingernails. Adds to your professionalism.
  • Carry a nice portfolio or briefcase with your resume’s, paper, and a pen.

For Women:

  • Full Suit or coordinate skirt and blouse. Skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably without being revealing.
  • Conservative shoes. High heels with extremely thin heels should be avoided.
  • Limited jewelry, and Professional Hairstyle.
  • Light make-up and perfume. Stay as neutral as possible.
  • Carry a nice portfolio or briefcase with your resume’s, paper, and a pen.

Do NOT bring gum, your cell phone or mp3 player, coffee or soda, or jewelry. It is also better to cover up any tatoos.
Go to About.com’s article “How to Dress for an Interview,” to read in more detail attire tips for interviews.