Become An Unforgettable Leader

Everyone will most likely have at least one incredible boss during their career– a boss whose impact upon your development will never be forgotten.  So what is it that makes this caliber of boss truly phenomenal?  Here’s a hint: This type of leader doesn’t achieve results of this magnitude by having only a deep resume.  Jeff Haden, of, has decided on five ways these leaders differ from others.  According to Haden, these leaders take the development of their employees very seriously and recognize that taking the time to do so will pay off in the long run.  And they don’t limit this development to a favorite couple employees, but rather everyone.
When a problem presents itself, these extraordinary managers will directly and deliberately face these problems head on.  In this same spirit, this type of leader will “rescue” their flailing employees when their own efforts are not netting enough credibility results.  The leaders that are outstanding will always have the big picture in mind, rather than their own personal interest.  Finally, they will keep in perspective what it was like to report to a manager such as them self.
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