Asking the Right Questions to Identify Your Candidate’s True Qualities

During an interview, it is important to not only get an understanding of your candidates skills, but its also imperative to determine how well your candidate will fit in with your company culture. In TechRepublics article, ” 10+ interview questions that will help reveal a candidates true qualities,” they suggest ten questions, and go into detail exactly what you get from asking these questions.
These are not what you would consider your “typical” interview questions, in order to filter out those candidates who are purely well prepared or interview savvy. Some of these questions include:
1.) How is your stamina?
2.) How hard have you been working lately?
3.) How do you react to being told “No”?
4.) Can you handle telling other people “No”?
5.) How good are you – REALLY-  at handling change?
6.) Are you a good scrounger?
7.) When conflict arises on your team, how do you handle it?
8.) What have the last few years taught you?
9.) What type of people do you like to work with?
10.) How do you stay current?
It is questions like these that will help you get to the bottom of your interviewee’s true nature, and can truly enable you to gain the maximum value from your recruiting process.  Read more potential questions and gain more details about the motives behind them by clicking on the link above to make your interview process even more efficient.