Applying for a Job You’re Not Quite Qualified For

Most times your perfect, dream job requires more/different job experience than you have on your resume; which breeds the question, “Should I even apply?” The article, “Should You Apply for a Job You’re Not Qualified For?,” by Kari Reston outlines how to answer this question and when it is ok to go for it, and when your search should continue on to the next opportunity.

  • If you’re close enough…GO FOR IT! Chances are the description can change based on a great candidate.
  • If you’re WAY off…your time is probably better spent looking for roles that are closer.
  • IF you decide to go for it and apply- try to bridge the gaps and highlight what you are exceptionally great at and show them, don’t just write it on your resume.  Also, utilize your network, it can be great to get your foot in the door.

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